2 comments on “Pricing that is reasonable for Books.

  1. Angus, your logic is sound, but there is one flaw in it. The vast majority of self-published authors never sell 100 copies of a book in their lifetime, so if they truly do spend money up front, even $100, the author could never recover his or her investment with just a $1 markup.

  2. Thank you for commenting there Jim. So firstly, in the US population alone, if the author’s work is not likely to appeal to more than a hundred readers then they probably shouldn’t go through all the effort to publish. I consider what you call a flaw to be a reasonable goal over the shelf life of a novel and I’m not changing my mind on that one so you can save on the carpel tunnel aggravation.

    That point aside a hundred units sold at say $6 for ease of moving along here comes to …wait for it…$600. I hope you are good at the cover art and have familial slave labor for the editing.

    The point I’m actually making here is that by inflating the price of books we are economically handicapping ourselves as authors. By pricing an eBook at $6 or more you most likely are shrinking the net to 100 readers who will choose to use their questionably disposable entertainment dollars on you.

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