2 comments on “Sex as a Story Telling Device

  1. It’s like the bands I used to see. Within moments of the lead singer taking the mic, I could see if they were a mean muther, or just a wannabe. (female singers included) Sex in a book is the same. People who often write about sex, have never had much of it… and it cums across that way. Or they use it to vejazzle their pages. That is gross. Why? Because ultimately it’s unreal. ‘Write about what you know’ is the right adage here. And no, that is not a rallying call for writers to get more sex… well, okay. Perhaps just a bit wouldn’t hurt.
    Nice article.

  2. I would say you can not conclude that profiling, but you can infer it through the quality of the scene writing. The post wasn’t about whether the author got any, but whether sex is a useful element in developing characters and storyline.

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